You are responsible for providing preventive maintenance and making emergency interventions:

Interventions and Maintenance
  • Whether under a contract or not; your own equipment or your customers’.
  • After Sales Service and Maintenance of heating, air-conditioning or ventilation installations, lifts and conveyors, household appliances or electronic equipment, computers, networks, telecom installations, machine tools, lifting equipment, industrial installations, etc.
  • Maintenance of supply infrastructure (electricity, gas, water), sampling
  • Technical analysis, inspection, testing (expert examination, certification and/or testing of installations and buildings).
organize your technicians’ routes

You need to organize your technicians’ routes in the best way possible in order to improve your quality of service and react to emergencies rapidly, at the same time reducing your operational costs?

OPTI-TIME SA provides solutions for organizing your After Sales Service and maintenance routes optimally:

  • Increase the number of interventions made each day by your technicians
  • React rapidly to emergencies
  • Reduce the distance covered (on average by 15%)
  • Generate detailed route maps and route sheets for each technician and facilitate their navigation in the field
Plan and optimize your technician

Plan and optimize your technicians’ routes automatically and re-arrange them at any time in response to new priorities or appointments!

They already use our solutions to optimize their intervention routes!

They already use our solutions to optimize their intervention routes!




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