6 different registration solutions.

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Registration of Time and Access

Microtime takes away the tedious, time-consuming management of absences and personnel planning, and generates manageable reports for payroll calculations, which can be linked directly to the social secretariat.  You become more efficient, save time and give your employees greater job satisfaction.


Registration of Time and Activity

Keep tabs on your productivity.  ACTime offers you an affordable solution for the automation of hours worked and job orders.  Clear reporting on time spent per order, per employee and per activity.  Indisputable billing for your customers, and time savings all round.


Biometric Registration

Your finger is the key - it couldn't be any simpler.  Reliable fingerprint readers make keys unnecessary and authorise access to authorised persons.  Autonomous and computerised operation, with simple management software.  Can be combined with biometric terminals for time registration.


Punch clock

This traditional punch clock records attendance times in black and white on the punch card, and calculates the daily and monthly totals.  In other words, simple, reliable and yet modern.  There is even a model available with cards, which sends the data to your PC.

Registration of Time and Place


Optimise the productivity of your mobile employees and your fleet.  Realtime geographic tracking, monitoring of your vehicles and "planning ahead" of your workforce.  Comprehensible reporting about the work done, with individual time registration for payroll calculation.

Registration of Time and Activity on the www

The U-Time Web system is the result of our years of experience and offers you an extremely efficient solution for employee time management and planning.  A powerful, interactive planning module ensures that there is smooth handling of applications for time-off.  For a small fixed monthly fee, you always have the latest version, no procurement costs, no unpleasant surprises. “Book & go”!

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