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The "Punch Clock" is still a contemporary alternative solution to the ever more popular badge and software-controlled time registration systems. You will find a wide selection of electro-mechanical and electronic punch clocks on this page.

Electro-mechanical punch clocks
Sturdy punch clocks for recording attendance and/or time sequences for demanding environments, and also time and date punchers, ideal for printing the time and the date on documents.

Electronic punch clocks
User-friendly punch clocks for recording attendance and/or order time registration with extensive programming scope, that through their modern design fit well into both the office and the industrial environment. Various models from the simple one to a calculating automatic puncher, suitable for fixed and flexible work rosters.

Simplex Bravo

Simple punch clock which prints the exact time and date on your documents. Suitable for recording the time of attendance as well as order times.

Simplex 100

Simple electronic punch clock, comparable to the Simplex Bravo, but with more printing options, such as numbering documents, printing messages, etc. These options are not included in any other clock in this price category!


Calculates the worked time!

The user-friendly totalising punch clock for recording and calculating times of attendance and orders. This economical clock does the calculations for you so that you can devote your time to more useful work.

MAX 1600

This compact punch clock with many attractive features records without fail the times of attendance of your personnel. The full automatic column shift over 4 columns and lateral recognition of sides eliminates any possibility of wrong registering on the card. A password protection secures the programme against unauthorised access. The MAX 1600 is the affordable solution for small companies with a small workforce.

MAX 2700

The MAX 2700 has the same characteristics as the MAX 1600 but gives in addition more flexibility thanks to a completely automatic column shift over 6 columns. The MAX 2700 is the indispensable partner for an effective control of the times of attendance in small and medium enterprises.

Memor 3815

This high quality electronic punch clock for recording times of attendance belongs to the top of its category. The Memor 3815 with its modern and robust housing fits in well to both the office and the factory environment. This clock can be programmed according to your needs. Because of its programming flexibility, the Memor 3815 can record on different types of punch cards. Interesting options such as a sound signal for announcing the beginning and end of work and a master clock interface are also available.

Memor 3830

This flexible punch clock is the big brother of the Memor 3815 and has even more programming possibilities. Practically all the existing punch cards can be programmed on the 3830. The Index program is also provided as standard.


A calculating automatic punch machine!

The DTS-30 is a calculating punch clock that calculates and prints at each OUT recording, the intervals and the total time of presence. The DTS-30 is suitable both in the context of fixed working times and flexible times where account is taken of rounding and overtime. Up to 16 daily rosters and 10 weekly rosters can be programmed. As from now, save time and money and the errors in calculating the punch cards will be only a memory. Interesting options such as a sound signal announcing the beginning and end of work or a RS232/422 communications interface are available.

Simplex Consecutive

Calculates the worked hours!

The Consecutive calculates on the consecutive recordings of attendance times. This automatic puncher is particularly suitable for irregular work, part time work or seasonal work. In addition, the Consecutive is also suitable for Job Costing. Interesting options such as a sound signal for announcing the beginning and end of work and a master clock interface are also available.

CTS and ARC-E Time- & Date Stamps

The CTS time and date punchers have a wide field of application. They have been proving their usefulness in hotels, hospitals, offices and parking lots for many years. These are ideal punch clocks for providing a correct time and date on different documents. The ARC-E in addition offers the possibility of numbering documents.


An electro-mechanical punch clock that punches sequentially through its perforations. The Perfo is resistant to rough treatment and is particularly suitable for irregular work, part time work or seasonal work. The Perfo is also used for recording the time of orders. The shock-resistant plastic housing is fitted with an easily readable analogue clock.

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