With U-Time WEB, Cosmo again takes the lead with a complete WEB solution for time registration, job registration and access control, linked to payroll processing.

The virtual Time Manager takes care of the communication with the Cosmo portal site where the user can quickly obtain the correct information on attendance and absences, balance, worked hours, recovered time, time credited, holiday request, etc.

No more hassle, no hardware, no software, no updates, no back-ups, just a user code and a password to log in.

u-time WEB seamlessly integrates input via terminals with badges, keyrings, fingerprint in the production, and computer input by administrative or other staff.

Your social-accounting secretariat can collect the data ready to use in payroll processing without losing time, it is quick, efficient and secure.  As you can see, nothing but advantages.


You can easily link the following software to U-Time.


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Download Cosmo U-time Case