c-time XP - Working time managment made simple

c-time XP is a third-generation product, based on our customers' experience with the successful TIMANA and CTIME software of which over 500 systems have been installed at home and abroad since 1985.

Our customer-centric approach mens that existing systems are adapted and improved systematically in line with customers' wishes, which can be seen clearly from our latest new development, c-time XP.

c-time XP is designed in such a way that the time spent working with the system is kept to a minimum.  This is achieved by automating the various mutations as far as possible, by means of flexible programming and feedback of the information through dialogue with users.  Automatic recalculation following corrections made to data relating to results already calculated saves a lot of time. 

Wirh c-time XP, you are able to manage all types of working hours, operating as a stand-alone system or as part of the business automation, with data links to the underlying software packages.

c-time XP's internal programming enables tailor-made applications to be created without any need for custom programming.

Moreover, c-time XP is designed to handle growth in the number of employees, input points, work rosters and the many specific system features.

c-time XP is at home in any working environment, with a combination of fixed, flexible, open and shift rosters, irrespective of whether the input occurs in a smart office or in a dirty production environment.  Hardware and software are designed, developed and maintained entirely by Cosmo's own engineers. c-time XP is modular and expandable to access control.

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